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[Disclaimer: I do not own the PPC.  That is the property of Jay and Acacia.  I do, however, own Drew and Lucius.  This is the final part of a three part series, which started in Confrontation., and was continued in Click.  However, I would recommend reading it the order of publication, which means starting with Click., and then reading Confrontation..  The entire series takes place between Intermissions One and Two.  Thanks to Caddy-Shack, EllipsisFlood, and JulyFlame for beta-ing.]

Lucius leaned against the console.  “It has been an interesting day.”
Drew nodded weakly.  “Indeed it has.”  He spun his chair half-heartedly.
“Lucius, look.  I... I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have acted the way I did.”
Lucius nodded.  “It’s alright.  I also overreacted.”  He sighed.  “I’m going to go get some food.  You want anything?”
“Nothing in particular.  I’ll go with whatever you get.”
Lucius patted his friend on the shoulder.  “Alright, mate.  I’ll be back in a bit.”

A few hours later, Lucius poked his head through the door.  “Hey, Drew?”
Drew was curled up in his chair.  Lucius sighed, and put down the tray, which was laden with food.  He shook his partner awake.
“Drew?  You okay?”
Drew started.  “Hm?  You’re back?”
“Yeah.  I went to the cafeteria, but none of it quite looked... edible.  So I kind of made some stuff up as I went along.”  He gestured at the tray, which held several plates of pasta,  fish, and what appeared to be a cake.
“You made all of this?”
Lucius nodded happily.  “Yes.  I admit, I went a bit overboard, but I haven’t
really had a chance to cook for anybody in a pretty long time.”
“Oh!  Neat!”  Drew poked the pasta.  “It looks pretty good.”
Lucius grinned.  “Help yourself, mate!”

“Damn.  That tasted even better than it looked.”
“I have plenty of practice.  I am Camorri.”
Drew looked at the fish.  “I must admit, I am not too sure about the fish.”
Lucius cocked an eyebrow.  “Oh?”
“I’ve had bad experiences with fish in the past.”
“Ah.  You may as well try it.  I shall take full responsibility should you get sick.”
Drew shot a mournful glance at the cake.  “Alright.  If you insist.”

“Okay, that was also pretty good.”
Lucius grinned.  “I am glad you like it.”
Drew looked around nervously.  “Hey, Lucius?”
“Are... Are we okay?”
Lucius looked surprised.  “Of course we are.”  He raised his eyebrow again.  “Why would you think that we weren’t?”
Drew stood up.  “I... I don’t know.  I just feel really bad about what
happened.”  He punched Lucius lightly on the shoulder.  “If we
are good, I... I’m going to go take a nap.

With that, Drew wandered off.

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